Fashion debate: Gucci fur loafers

Alexa Chung at Gucci Milan Fashion Week fur loafers

First of all, I must recognize that I don’t love Gucci fur loafers … well, I mean… it was not love at first sight but now…I don’t really know what it’s happening to me??!! I wouldn’t wear them in my daily looks but I should also recognize that my eyes are getting used to see these ugly (?!) slippers more and more every day. I don’t know if it is something related with Alexa Chung who wore these “yeti” stylish loafers yesterday at Milano Fashion Week… Continue reading “Fashion debate: Gucci fur loafers”

Camera bags

Hi everybody! Maybe because I’m passionate about photography, camera bags are a trend that I love. Definitely the Gucci’s model Soho is the one I love more and it inspired  my illustration. What do you think about camera bags? Thanks for all your comments!

¡Hola a todos! Quizás por que me encanta la fotografía, las camera bags me apasionan. Sin duda es el modelo Soho de Gucci el que más me gusta y en el que se inspira la ilustración de hoy. ¿Qué os parecen?¿Cómo os gustan más, rectangulares o con la forma de la cámara? Gracias por todos vuestros comentarios!!
Gucci_camerabag-byheelsandpeplumcamerabag_byheelandpeplucamerabag1camera bag 2